Over 150 years of banking work to serve a Region.

1845 : september 10th, founding by Hippolyte Catrix and Henri Coste in Sète of the trade company Catrix and Coste, intended for bank operations and covering, mainly for importers.

1884: New founding of the Bank by Henri Coste with his sons-in-law, under the name of "Coste-Dupuy et Amadou".

1889: Introduction of the sign Dupuy-Coste.

1919: Founding of Banque Dupuy-Coste SA, integrating the old Bank.

1925-27: First permanent branches opened in Pézenas, Florensac and Montpellier.

1934: Banking crisis in the Languedoc.

1940: Founding by Frédéric, Jules, André Dupuy and Jean de Parseval of the partnership limited by shares "Banque Dupuy, de Parseval & Cie".

1945: Centenary of the Bank.

1952-64: Strong development of network branches.

1964: Holding taken in the Société Centrale de Banque.

1995: Entry into the group CCF, now the euro platform for HSBC Holding plc., the world's second banking group.